USP Zdrowie

Launching a new sore throat brand

USP Zdrowie is a leading consumer healthcare business based in Warsaw with the number one brand in both the analgesic and cold & flu categories. Sore throat is a distinct and important therapeutic category with a large number of both domestic and international players. Our new brand has been successfully launched to both the trade and consumer in October 2016 and is already the number 3 selling sore throat brand in Poland.

The Brief

Creative Leap was appointed to develop and launch a new domestic challenger sore throat brand into the Polish market to take on leading international brands Strepsils & Cholinex.

What We Did

Existing competitive brands are very much focused on functional product benefits and problem solution style advertising.  

By seeking an emotional benefit-led approach, we focused on the insight of how a sore throat often leads to loss of voice, resulting in feelings of isolation and inability to communicate.

Building on the resultant brand promise of ‘reclaim your voice’ we developed the name Inovox and a logotype, packaging design and brand visual identity derived from the idea of sound waves made visible. 

Strong use of colour and iconography is used to create stand out graphics that seamlessly integrate packaging, in store graphics, print & digital marketing collateral and moving image/advertising. 

The resulting brand world and toolkit was used to brief local POS & production agencies and to develop a trade launch conference, product detailing materials as well as all above the line and below the line promotional activity.

Please click here to view the TVC.

The Results 

The trade has enthusiastically embraced Inovox with the new brand achieving target distribution in 10,000 Polish pharmacies.

Following the success of the launch conference, the first year sales projections were increased by an incredible 500% and Inovox is already the number 3 selling brand in Poland.

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