Trimb Healthcare (Wartie)


When Trimb Healthcare approached Creative Leap to develop a creative campaign for Wartie, they were the fastest growing in the wart and verrucae treatment category. However, Wartie’s relatively low profile meant that they were losing out to both larger competitors and private label. We partnered with Trimb Healthcare to develop a memorable and compelling TVC to increase brand awareness and drive preference for Wartie.

The Brief

The core marketing problem was clear from the onset; low trust in the category and a subsequent lack of awareness about Wartie. We were able to build on this diagnosis by uncovering the insight that the main concerns of shoppers, predominantly parents in this case, were that verrucae treatments were not effective and that they were often painful to children when administered. With this in mind we got to work with developing a creative campaign that overcame these barriers to purchase.

What we did

Firstly, we made an appraisal of the brand’s current assets. Wartie, the penguin and eponymous brand mascot, was identified as being a distinctive and relevant asset that should be central to the campaign to ensure consistency, interest and memorability.

We then developed a creative idea which cast Wartie as an accomplished scientist, developing a state-of-the-art product formulated to combat verrucae quickly, painlessly and with ease. The core of the idea was the tagline ‘Wartie. Freeze with ease.’ This effectively encapsulated our response to the main barriers to purchase; Wartie is quick, easy and precise whilst potentially being effective in just one application.

We developed a 20 and 10 second version of the TVC as well as a key visual for use across print and online display. The 3D animation style enabled us to give Wartie the penguin a fresher look within a fun visual world.

The Results

The campaign yielded fantastic results in the short term. Whilst we were live, monthly sales grew 82% in comparison to the previous year when a different campaign was running. In the long term the campaign was able to contribute to an annual increase in market share of 1.9% and an annual sales increase of 21.2%. In addition to this, we were thrilled to see the campaign extended into new markets including Israel and the Netherlands.

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