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Nailner is the market leader in the fungal nail treatment category despite being a relative newcomer. The leading product within the range, Nailner 2 in 1, is unique in its ability to visibly improve the appearance of nails after seven days whilst continuing to treat the underlying infection over a number of weeks.

The Brief

We were asked by Trimb Healthcare to develop a TVC for Nailner that could increase brand awareness and consideration in order to drive market share and value sales. In order to achieve this, it was essential that our communications were memorable and entertaining whilst linking the condition and the Nailner brand in the minds of consumers.

What we did

Our research uncovered the insight that sufferers often reject the category due to the perceived lack of results on account of the long treatment times. The communication had to highlight the consequences of neglecting treatment in an entertaining and sympathetic way whilst introducing Nailner as the de-facto treatment option.

In order to appeal to the functional needs of consumers as well as the emotional charge behind the issue, we developed ‘fast, visible results after just seven days’ as our proposition.

We developed an advertising campaign which highlighted the little white lies that people might tell in order to hide their fungal nails from others. Coupled with a clear product demonstration, the TVC shows us how these tricky situations can be avoided through a quick and convenient treatment. The 2D animation style allowed us to develop distinctive and relatable characters and illustrative assets that could form the basis of a creative identity for the brand.

The Results

The results far exceeded everyone’s initial expectations with total brand value sales increasing 31% vs. the previous year and sales of Nailner 2 in 1, increasing 51%. Nailner also gained +1.9%  in market share with a 13% increase during the campaign run. For those consumers who saw the advertising their awareness and recall of the Nailner brand has increased significantly from 19% to 47% demonstrating advertising and brand memorability. There have also been positive shifts in measures such as Brand Consideration and Recommendation (69-75% and 54% to 63%).

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