Brand architecture and global strategy implementation

Unmet consumer needs in the decongestant category, led to the creation and implementation of a new global strategy with a revised sub-brand architecture that heroes a new ‘Head Cold’ pillar and has grown share & profit, whilst bringing visual alignment across key international markets.

The brief

Research in a number of markets found that ‘decongestant’ is a difficult term for consumers to understand. It covers much more than just a blocked nose and sinus pressure, in effect, affecting the whole head with a wider cluster of symptoms. 

This insight provided the opportunity to redefine the decongestant category by launching a new proposition that targets the whole head – the ‘Head Cold’ line whilst at the same time reassessing the overall architecture and consolidating the portfolio into 3 pillars.

We were briefed to create a new packaging architecture and graphic design to communicate the revised range, facilitate navigation and ‘hero’ the new Head Cold pillar across global markets.

What we did

One key challenge was to develop the iconic Sudafed head device to clearly signpost key areas of symptomatic relief to facilitate product understanding and aid range navigation. 

Whilst we were charged with creating a master head illustration style, given the global nature of the project, we also had to meet the specific requirements of each local market whilst creating a greater degree of visual consistency across the brand presentation.

Using the new architecture, we went on to develop a clear sub-branding strategy for the range, which focused on communication hierarchy, on-pack claims and inter-pillar differentiation. This approach formed the foundation of the packaging design, which could be applied to the different product propositions within the range.

The results

Trade and consumer research across a number of key markets demonstrated a significant increase in ease of navigation, understanding of individual propositions, product relevance and consequent increased propensity to purchase.

The range has been successfully launched in a number of international markets with an increase in profit for the brand of over 19.5% YOY in one established overseas market.

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