First Aid for Sore Throats

Strepsils drive to build on and extend its position as a leading brand in the mild to moderate segment of the throat care category led to the creation of a new global brand identity and architecture as a platform for geographical expansion & NPD.

The brief

Historical development on a market-by-market level had lead to a fragmented visual identity and lack of coherence within the global product portfolio with significant gaps in some key growing product segments and geographies.

We were briefed to create a new global brand identity and architecture that would be capable of improving understanding and navigation of the product portfolio and drive penetration of adjacent market segments and new geographies.

What we did

Our initial brand equity analysis and review of the global product portfolio and throat care market identified a clear severity spectrum in terms of how consumers engaged with the category.

By creating a new needs-based architecture we were able to develop a clear brand, sub brand and on-pack claims and communication hierarchy as the building blocks for our design work that was capable of embracing the different brand names and positioning protocols used in diverse geographical markets.

We went on to create a new typographical master brand logotype for all brand name variants and executed this across product variants within over 50 markets. Building out from the new needs based architecture we were also able to develop and launch new products and propositions in multiple geographies.

The results

The re-staging helped consolidate the brands leadership position in the mild to moderate segment of the market with new format and flavor introductions leading to 7% growth the following year.

New propositions were subsequently developed and launched within both the severe and unlicensed segments with a new Streps Herbals range achieving significant share in the growing Asia Pacific region.

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