Creating Bulgaria’s premier pharmacy retail brand

Economic growth and gradually improving living standards in the capital and other major cities has created an environment in which increasing choice in matters of personal health and wellbeing is creating opportunities for ambitious businesses to gain first mover advantage.

The Brief

Sopharma Trading is one of the largest companies in Bulgaria and a leader in the pharmaceutical sector. The company is a pioneer in the introduction of best practice and the preferred partner of manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and investors.

Following a strategic review of the retail pharmacy market dynamics and growth potential, Creative Leap was appointed to develop a new retail pharmacy brand for the Bulgarian market.

What we did

This was an end-to-end program of work involving initial consumer research, positioning, and proposition development through to the development and the pilot implementation of a full retail brand identity and interior scheme.

Research identified a growing consumer interest in personal health and wellbeing and an opportunity for a new type of pharmacy to begin to address issues concerned with wellness rather than the more traditional associations of treating illness.

Our creative solution of course foregrounds prescription and over the counter medicines, whilst providing a broader retail canvas that embraces added value propositions in the areas of personal wellbeing products and pharmacy professional services.

As well as creating the overall brand, retail identity and guidelines we have also worked closely with local suppliers to ensure that the brand vision is implemented correctly in market.

The Results

A number of pilot stores have now been launched to great acclaim and interest from the general public and pharmacy trade alike. Consumer exit interviews and early sales data indicate a growing interest and appreciation of the new concept and the brand is now clearly on track for national roll out.

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