Seven Seas

Helping the brand leader engage with a new generation of consumers

Seven Seas had always been associated with Cod Liver Oil. However, consumers were increasingly overlooking the benefits of these important dietary supplements. We helped the brand engage with the next generation of consumers by creating a proposition that drove re-consideration and quickly became the brand’s No.1 selling product.

The brief

The Seven Seas brand was associated in both the trade and consumers’ minds with Cod Liver Oil (CLO) products, often driving an old-fashioned brand perception. The vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) category was also becoming inundated with own label brands and a proliferation of products in the multivitamins aisle, resulting in a heightened competitive landscape.

We were appointed to develop new initiatives that would modernize the brand perception and recruit new consumers into the brand whilst maintaining the CLO ‘heartland’.

What we did

Immersion into the Seven Seas portfolio and research into the category resulted in the mapping out of a competitive landscape. Analysis of this information enabled us to identify a gap in the Seven Seas portfolio - to create a tailored ‘all in one’ proposition. This is when Perfect 7 was born. 

Following strong concept research, two distinct and complimentary propositions were created, Perfect 7 Man and Perfect 7 Woman. These propositions help overwhelmed and confused consumers navigate the VMS category by combining all the positive effects of Omega-3 and multivitamins into one superior performance product. 

The new proposition required an impactful design and shelf standout. We built upon the iconic Seven Seas logo by adding a lustrous ribbon alluding to the idea that a healthy body is like a well-oiled machine. A strong sub-brand identity was formulated to clearly distinguish the proposition while care was taken to ensure the Man and Woman packs compliment each other. 

In parallel with work on Perfect 7, we also took the opportunity to refresh the core Cod Liver Oil portfolio in terms of claims and consumer benefits to better support reasons to purchase.

The results

The new proposition and packs received a positive reaction and buy in from the trade allowing Seven Seas to achieve a new in store position within the multivitamin category. Perfect 7 has rapidly become the brand’s Number 1 selling product line. 

The design refresh of the core Cod Liver Oil portfolio, that foregrounds key product benefits, has helped re-engage consumers with the product.

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