Creating a new ‘eye beauty’ category

To move the brand beyond its traditional heritage in the every day and medicated eye care category, Optrex needed to appeal to consumers on a more emotional level and attract buyers who wanted to enhance the appearance of their eyes on a regular basis as part of a daily beauty routine.

The brief

With the proposed launch of a new range of products designed to restore moisture both in and around the eyes, our biggest challenge was to position these products beyond the brand’s traditional ‘eye health’ associations. We were briefed to create a name, sub brand identity and packaging range design that would communicate the new proposition ‘For eyes that look and feel beautiful’ and firmly position it in a new and exciting ‘eye beauty’ category.

What we did

We began with an exploration of adjacent category visual language to identify and explore key themes in terms of colour, graphics, claims and finishes. Initial mood and tone boards were then created to stimulate discussion with the Optrex brand team and to help them interrogate and understand how we might visually position the new brand platform and range design.

Following agreement on key elements of the desired brand visual positioning, we went on to develop and research initial 2D packaging designs that were rich in cosmetic colours and eye-catching graphics. Once a clear design direction was identified and agreed we went on to explore various finishes and varnishes to add to the premium and desirable look and feel of the range as part of a production optimization stage.

The results

The creation and launch of this new platform has significantly extended the Optrex brand’s reach and created a new, dynamic ‘eye beauty’ category. 

The range includes a ‘moisture mist’, ‘brightening drops’ and a ‘smoothing roll-on’ and are the first beauty products designed to target the appearance of tired eyes from within. The launch was supported by a £3m integrated campaign.

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