Spirit of the Rainforest

The distinctive identity and intrinsic beauty of fabric and colour so evident in the early sourcing of Monsoon’s products from India and the Far East provided an opportunity to develop a fragrance to complement the Monsoon brand’s powerful visual identity as a first step in developing the Accessorize franchise.

The brief

To develop a Monsoon fragrance that would capture the essence of the brand. The brief embraced product and fragrance development, structural packaging and graphic design and visual identity.

What we did

We began with a visual exploration of the product in terms of colour, texture and form based around the idea of ‘spirit of the rainforest.’ Early mood and tone boards were used as stimulus for discussion with consumers and internal stakeholders and a structural concept based around a ‘pebble in a stream’ was agreed upon for development.

Working closely with Coty we helped develop a subtle yet spice laden perfume redolent of jungle streams and wet green leaves. Gardenia, ylang-ylang, lily, jasmine and dewberry are located in the heart, while the base consists of patchouli, oak moss, amber and sandalwood.
Our structural design for a distinctive bespoke blue glass bottle, complemented by a wound copper wire closure, with a new ‘organic’ Monsoon logotype completed the presentation. 

The results

The product was launched with great commercial success and praise from the fashion and fragrance industries alike.

The logotype developed for the perfume was so liked it was adopted by the retail business as the Monsoon fascia identity. 

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