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Helping Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

One in every three people in the UK is at risk from type 2 Diabetes. The NHS has a clear mission to reduce this risk and is working with a number of providers to pilot a digital diabetes prevention programme (DDPP) to assess its impact on improving patient health outcomes.

The brief

LIVA is a digital health coaching programme provided free of charge for people who are identified by their GP as being at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. People on the programme are assigned a coach who will meet with them to agree and set their own individual health goals. The same coach continues to work with them throughout the programme via a digital platform that facilitates dialogue and helps log and track how they are progressing towards their goals. We were appointed by LIVA to develop GP & patient communication materials to support the launch in selected regions.

What we did

LIVA Healthcare has significant experience with Digital Diabetes Prevention and is already running similar programmes in Denmark on behalf of 18 health authorities. Research has shown that one of the key success factors in achieving positive patient outcomes is the one to one personal coaching model.

We therefore chose to put the personal coaching element of the service at the heart of the communication using the idea of ‘pairing up’ patients with a new lifestyle. The campaign creative uses bright colours and simple bold imagery to create a distinctive look and feel and to cut through the visual clutter so often present in GP surgeries.

We created a range of patient materials to create awareness of the programme and explain the service, GP referral system and registration process. A simple website provides background information on LIVA and directs users to a telephone support and enquiry service.

We also developed GP communication materials to both support patient consultations and inform front of house staff about the service and how it might affect them.

The results

The programme has been launched to great acclaim as a pilot scheme in two regions of the United Kingdom. It will be reviewed over the coming year to assess its impact in supporting lifestyle and behavioural changes that help prevent diabetes amongst high-risk patient groups.

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