Brand re-staging to broaden the franchise

A lack of growth despite significant above the line advertising required a complete strategic restaging of a German natural pain relief brand that led to a 38% increase in market share within the first three months of re-launch.

The brief

Kytta is a German plant-based topical pain relief brand used for the relief of chronic muscle, joint and back pain. Despite clinical evidence and significant ATL investment the brand’s market share had remained static for a number of years, primarily due to it’s overt natural positioning and lack of consumer belief in the efficacy of plant-based products. 

We were briefed to develop a new brand positioning, proposition, visual identity and packaging design as well as a new brand communications look and feel.

What we did

Initial immersion in the brand and the topical analgesic category identified the dilemma. To its small but loyal user-base Kytta is heaven sent. To the vast majority of sufferers of chronic muscle, joint and back pain the brand did not credibly communicate the core benefit of ‘proven pain relief’ despite it’s documented equipotency to key pharmaceutical competitors.

We began by designing and running a series of consumer co-creation workshops to better understand the needs, attitudes & behaviours of chronic sufferers and to begin to decode the semiotics and category visual language associated with efficacy, safety & tolerability. Further research insights allowed us to build a clearer picture of how messaging, and visual & verbal language and tonality could drive brand re-consideration and elicit trial.

Armed with this knowledge we developed a new brand positioning, proposition, visual identity, packaging & communication style. This reflected the brand’s unique dual benefit of efficacy & long-term tolerability under the umbrella concept of ‘responsible pain management. The client’s advertising agency was briefed to develop a new TVC capable of supporting the new brand positioning, proposition and communication strategy.

The results

Consumer research prior to launch confirmed the appeal and relevance of the new brand identity, packaging & communication style with over 60% of respondents claiming they would buy Kytta for themselves. Importantly 77% of competitive buyers found the new brand identity more appealing and motivating than previously 

Market share for Kytta grew by 38% within the first 3 months immediately following the launch & the brand continues to go from strength to strength

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