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Creating a new category in pain relief

Musculoskeletal pain is a common complaint, which usually takes the form of a dull ache. A flare up on the other hand is trouble episode of pain & inflammation, often accompanied by swelling & stiffness in the joints. It was to combat these specific episodes of flaring joint pain that FLARIN was developed.

The brief

Flarin is the first and only OTC Lipid formulated ibuprofen which helps relieve flaring joint pain and inflammation. A recent clinically study has proven that an OTC dose of Flarin is as effective at reducing pain as prescription strength ibuprofen. Creative Leap was briefed to develop the launch communications in a market dominated by established big spenders Nurofen & Volterol.

What we did

As an unknown newcomer in a mature market already dominated by global megabrands it was important to first clearly establish FLARIN’s raison d’etre. We worked closely with infirst and their advisory board throughout the groundbreaking clinical trial study to understand the role the brand might have in the relief and management of joint pain.

Our campaign message ‘When Joint Pain Flares Choose Flarin’ clearly positions the brand as a specialist in a new and specific flaring joint pain category. Our distinctive, illustration-based visual identity helps set the brand apart from its competitors and communicates an approachable and empathetic brand personality. 

The development of a suite of professional marketing and HCP communication and training tools has been a key part of the launch preparation and we have combined info graphics, motion graphics and illustration to great effect in both online and offline environments.

We developed a consumer website as the first step in creating awareness & eliciting trial. Activation began with a ‘test and learn’ digital display and social media ‘drive to site to buy’ campaign.

The results

Initial campaign metrics were ahead of target and led to an exclusive retail launch through Lloyds Pharmacy in early 2018 with a wider role out planned later in the year.


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