Almus Pharmaceuticals

Designing the pharmacy innovation of the decade

A fragmented and commoditized market, often neglected by the major proprietary brand owners provided the opportunity for a new challenger brand to calve out an added value niche with retail sales now > £350m YOY.

The brief

To take advantage of growing Government concerns around adverse events and medical errors particularly in the field of long-term management of chronic conditions.

We were briefed to develop a range of branded generic drugs that had the potential to address some of these concerns head on and thereby engage with healthcare practitioners and their professional bodies.

What we did

A program investigating the detail of the prescriber/influencer/dispenser/user journeys surrounding prescription medicine identified an opportunity to create a brand concept based on improved patient safety and efficiencies in the pharmacy dispensary environment.

The preponderance of highly undifferentiated white medical packaging, stored in alphabetical order, created an environment in which it was all too easy to select the wrong active or dosage.

By focusing on the key drivers of difference, namely active, dosage and format we were able to develop a systematic approach to brand packaging under a new umbrella brand ‘designed to aid dispensing’.

A pilot range of 30 products was developed and initially launched to the independent pharmacy trade in consultation with the National Patient Safety Agency and National Association of Pharmacists.

The results

The brand was 300% ahead of its sales target for the initial UK sales launch, providing a substantially improved contribution margin over standard generics and winning a DBA Design Effectiveness Award.

Praised by KOL’s and the pharmacy trade alike it has been adopted as best practice by the National Patient Safety Agency and recently won recognition as ‘Pharmacy Innovation of the Decade’ with YOY retail sales now in excess of £350m.

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