Allergan Medical

Making purple the new black

Launching a new premium priced proposition into the physician dispensed facial aesthetics market required a disruptive approach to brand positioning and visual identity. The brand we created is now a $350m global franchise.

The brief

Allergan’s acquisition of the Corneal and Innamed businesses in France created the opportunity to combine and exploit the newly conjoined brand and formulation assets to launch a new hyralonic acid filler proposition to facial aesthetic practitioners, initially within the EMEA region.

The market at this time was generally very fragmented with only one brand, Restylane from Q-Med having by far the largest share. Our challenge was to first understand and then disrupt the category norms to create a new cut through brand and proposition.

What we did

Our initial competitive audit showed the category to be almost exclusively dominated by traditional, medical problem-solution language and imagery. Research we conducted amongst current consumer users and considerers revealed a desire to feel more positive and pampered than current brands in the category promised, with a more natural outcome than other facial aesthetic treatments. Further research amongst practitioners and healthcare professionals revealed a relatively undifferentiated range of products and brands.

Our positioning work promised ‘beauty reborn’ focusing both on the functional benefit of improved patient comfort and a more natural yet aspirational, glamorous aesthetic outcome.

The results

Research confirmed our hypothesis that the rich purples and silvers would clearly convey a luxurious, prestige brand. Bold hero photography shot underwater in a submersion tank further added a feeling of glamour and modernity in a category dominated by medical whites, blues and greens.

Supported by our detailing and trade marketing support the brand rapidly achieved wide distribution and 15% market share within one year from launch in EMEA. Other regions were soon able to adopt the brand to create a major new global franchise now worth in excess of $350m YOY and winning a design effectiveness gold award along the way.

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